This is a Must-Have Book for Sunday School Teachers


This book is on my top 10 for favorite Kids Ministry books!  It’s loaded with ideas.  Aaron Reynolds is a creative writer and story teller, and he shares his experience in this book so that people can do a better job of bringing the Bible to life through story telling.  It’s a must have on your Kids Ministry book shelf.  Here’s a breakdown of the table of contents:

Creating an Atmosphere of Excellence – memorizing, practicing, and evaluating

Fabulous Techniques for Transformational Teaching – a bunch of great stuff in this section

Power Tools of Creativity – 20 Ways to Teach the Bible Creatively

Teaching Evaluation Form – a sample form to evaluate your teaching

Personal Development Plan for Teachers – a tool to help teachers grow

A Training Guide for Ministry Leaders – How to use the book to train your teachers



2 thoughts on “This is a Must-Have Book for Sunday School Teachers

  1. Hi! Thanks for the nice words about my book! The DVD you mention was a promotional item right when the book came out and is no longer available. I’ve been getting quite a few e-mails about it from your article, so I wanted to make sure folks knew. Thanks!

    • Thanks for posting to let us know the DVD is not available. I will edit this blog post to reflect that info. I will see you in a few weeks when you come to the KidBuilders conference in Canada.

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