Customer Service – Lessons from “Be Our Guest”


In North America, Customer Service is what determines if a business is excellent or not.  It determines if a customer would return to that business or not.

As families consider attending a church, the ‘customer service’ at that church could be the deciding factor if they return or not.

Disney Institute wrote a book called “Be Our Guest – perfecting the art of customer service”. I have read it several times & have highlighted many sections.  It covers topics such as ‘knowing and understanding your guests’ and ‘creating a first impression’.  There is so much to glean from this book, but to give you a taste of the treasures found inside, here is a list of
Walt Disney World Guidelines for Guest Service.”

1.  Make Eye Contact & Smile – Start and end every contact or communication with direct eye contact & a sincere smile.

2.  Greet & Welcome Each and Every Guest – Extent the appropriate greeting to every Guest with whom you come in contact.

3.  Seek Out Guest Contact – Listen to Guest’s needs, Answer questions, Offer assistance

4. Provide Immediate Service Recovery – To the best of your ability, immediately resolve a Guest service failure before it becomes a Guest service problem.

5. Display Appropriate Body Language at All Times – Attentive appearance, Good posture, Appropriate facial expression

6. Preserve the Magical Guest Experience – Always focus on the positive.

7. Thank Each and Every Guest – Extend a sincere thank-you at the end of every transaction.

How do you think these principles are transferable in Children’s Ministry?


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