Creating a Creative Stage

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On one of my trips to Orlando, I was able to visit Calvary Church.  I was pleasantly surprised when I walked into their elementary kids room and saw this stage! Here are some of the things I loved about this stage:

Color:  It had bright colors everywhere!

Multilevel:  There were lots of options for people to appear from several different entrance points.

Stairs:  They had 2 stair options and they were both different.

How it was made:  Home Depot was the place they got most of their supplies.  Every kind of hose & pipe you could imagine.  They just painted them cool colors and it made an instant kid-friendly design.

Faux Design – There were gadgets and gizmos everywhere.  Buttons and levers, but none of them were real.  In fact they just used stuff from Home Depot, and made it look like they were real.  They also painted the wall with highlights and shadows to make it appear 3-D.

DIY – This was a DIY project.  They didn’t hire a contractor or creative architect to design & build this for them.  With a little creativity & some hard work, you could build a stage like this too!


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