Church Tours – Willow Creek Church Preschool Area

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Stairs – The place is massive.  They do a great job of moving high volumes of people quickly and easily. (Just like Disney.  Just saying.)

Check In Area – This is mainly for first time guests.  They give you a DVD of a typical day in Promiseland when you come for the first time.  Their greeters are super friendly and helpful.  Other check-in areas are located in various locations & entrances.

Kids Area – This is technically a hallway (very wide) or gathering space outside of several rooms.  Parents connected in this area before/after services.

Activity Panels – Kids and parents can have fun at church together.  Also keeps kids occupied while parents chat.  Activity Panels are interchangeable.  I have been here at various times and some of the panels were different.

Nursery Hallway – The nursery area consisted of many rooms that all looked very similar.  This hallway was the common area for all these rooms.

Nursery Drop Off Window – Love that the children are passed over the counter & only volunteers were allowed in the rooms.  Less traffic & less chance for little ones to get stepped on or escape.



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