Playhouse Disney Live on Stage


disney_junior_live_on_stage_fun_facts3_largeIf you have ever been to Walt Disney World, then you know how amazing their shows can be.  Playhouse Disney Live on Stage is a show in Hollywood Studios.  YouTube has several versions of the show if you want to check it out.

Even though most churches do not have the budget that Disney has to work with, there are several ideas that we can use in Kids Ministry to teach preschoolers.  Here are a few that I noticed the last time I watched the show:

Colors – The set, the costumes, the puppets & the props are all very colorful.

Music – They use short songs throughout the show that the kids can sing along with.

Interactive – The puppets or the show host invite the audience to shout out a word or do the actions right along with them.

Short Segments – The set changes several times as well as the characters throughout the show.  Each segment is only about 5 minutes long.

Familiarity – Most kids know who the characters are because they have watched them on the Disney shows on TV.  They even play the shows on TV screens outside the theatre as you wait in line for the show to start.

Surprises – several times throughout the show something unexpected shows up like the bubbles that fall from the sky or the gold coins (tissue paper) that fall to the ground.

Media – They use a video screen to showcase the “Oh Toodles” portion of the show.

What other things can we learn from Playhouse Disney Live on Stage that we can use in Kids Ministry?



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